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Welcome to the website of Sanctuary on the Kul Tiras server, Sanctuary was established on 31 october 2009 and arose from our former guild Call of the Wild. Sanctuary consists of Social, PvP and Raid members.

We have not many General Rules in the guild, but most importantly keep things civil and have mutual respect for each other in guild as outside the guild.

Our Raiding section however has a few rules, which you can read here



 Group 1: 1Ranged dps(with heal OS) and 1 dps/Tank however we´re always looking for skilled raiders(all classes/specs)

 Group 2: Tanks

group 1Raid days: Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday 8-11PM(Sometimes longer for progress) server time with invites going out 15min before(7:45PM)also sometimes Monday from 8pm ST if we feel we need an extra day.

Group 2Raid days: sunday/tuesday from 8pm

NOTE: even if we dont recruit your class at the moment dont hesitate to make a apply anyway as we´re always looking for skilled players.


What we offer:

- Friendly mature enviroment
- Friendly atmosphere on Teamspeak
- Free guild repairs for raiders
- End game content
- Dedicated rading

What we expect from you:

- Knowledge of your class/Spec
- Come prepared to raid(knowledge of Tacts,bring flask/food/pot...etc)
- Able to raid atleast 2 out of 3 times a week.
- Able to take criticism good aswell as bad


If you wish to join you can make an application here

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